Ohh Feel So Scared Pulok! haha

Assalamu'alaikum... Hello! today is such a very relax day. have 3 hours gap after my Radio Freq class from 1-4, and after that I have 1 more class left (process control instrumentation). :) yipee!

Ok, today Mr Goh(EE FYP Coordinator) ask me and syazwan whether we have got our own title for fyp or not. We said that we already sent the proposed title to him. Maybe he forgot. so many things that he need to think throughout this whole semester! He is so excited today, because only 5 students left that had been registered to his RF class... His voice also seems so motivated and excited today! Me and syazwan were had so much fun and understood all the things that he taught us today! waaa, so happy! because before this, we always sleepy in his class because of his romantic voice. hehe.. kidding! :P

Our beloved RF lecturer!

Ok2, back to the main title of this post!

Just before this, I logged in into uniten info. Waaa! so scary. the title that I am being proposed to Mdm. Nurul Asyikin had already registered by herself for me. Sighing..... Hmmmm... May ALLAH ease all the hardness and difficulties throughout my whole semester.... 19 credits! arghh, feel so scared pulok bila pandang tajuk tu! haha...

p/s: hope to see u soon, blog. ok salam, and bye!

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