Happy Go Lucky! Alhamdulillah...

Assalamualaikum. :)

Im so happy today. I dont know why. Tadi gi makan bihun sup kat gerai luar uniten. Ohh god, its been like 5 month not eating the bihun sup utara made by 2 men at one of the stall there. Cukup terangkat! haha...

Dear blog, 

Can u just be happy for me also? I have met my old roommate before this, Asiah! she is so thin laa... I want to be like her. Loose weight but in a healthy way. *Applause! hihi. Sorry Asiah for mentioning ur name here....

Ok, Kak Syaza text-ed me this evening. She told me in Tuesday, every week, there will be an usrah at Surau Ilmu from 8 pm til 9 pm roughly. I am so happy to hear that news from her. Ohhh, such a long time waiting for this big opportunity, joining a group of usrah! May ALLAH gives all of us rahmah and barakah for joining this good activities. :) insya-ALLAH.

why am i joining usrah?
Ok, there is nothing wrong right for me to join the usrah. I was very ignorant towards the religion before this. So, I think that I have to take one step at a time to become a much more better person, a much more solehah person. I want to keep my mind and soul refresh with every beautification of Islam and sunah. I want to become a mujahidah. Insya-ALLAH.

"Robbi Yassir Wala Tu 'Asir, 
Robbi Tammim Bil Khoir" 
A very miracle du'a. Always practice this kind of du'a. I was always prayed this du'a in the middle of difficulties. This morning, it was so hard to find a parking for my Kancil at the COE parking area. I recited this du'a again and again and believed in myself that Allah will help  me in every situations, no matter how hard it is. Because ALLAH always here for us, helping us. :)

Alhamdulillah, after I just arrived at COE parking area, there are one car that came out from the parking area just infront of my car. So, I said ALHAMDULILLAH. Its the miracle that ALLAH gave to me. Subhanallah.

Dear friends,
Always do believe in ALLAH and His Miracle. Always make your du'a everytime and everywhere. Insya-ALLAH, ALLAH will always helps you going through all the difficulties that you feel everyday. Masya-ALLAH.

p/s: Rindu sangat nk solat berjemaah kat sini. Jom esok kite ke masjid. Insya-ALLAH. :)

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