Its been like A YEARS without blogging! arrghhh

Assalamualaikum semua. :)

Hello everyone! fuhhhhhhh.... so many stories to write about. but, i will just sort out everything very brief ok, my fren? huhu... Alhamdullillah.... Alhamdulillah ya allah for this semester. Allah gave me so much grace for this whole semester, eventhough its just the starting of this sem. Thank you ALLAH, I love u so much. Insya-ALLAH.

How can I be in my final year this semester?
-Actually I also dont know how to describe and tell you about the main reason why this is happening. Oh yeah, happening. that means it happen now. IN THIS SEMESTER. WOAHH! I am also freaking out when I just found out. Haha. Gullppp.. Hmmm... *Long sighing... Actually the truth is, I am just in my 3rd year 2nd semester. But we sort out that, before this we had taking so many credits like 19 credits per semester! and now just 36 credits left. so, why not we just shorten the remain period course for just 2 semester only? 19 credits for this sem, and the remaining credits as our so called "final semester" subjects. ahaha... *evil laugh. alhamdulillah....

My FYP Supervisor?
Ohhhhh............. haaaachuum! *sneezed. Have u ever heard about this lecturer - Nurul Asyikin? She is the one that completed her Master Studies for just about 18months! less than 2 years right?! Me and Syazwan was thought about to make her as our supervisor for our FYP title. We met her last friday. She is so kind to us. She taught us about the FTTH(fiber to the home)in just about 15 minutes. And we learn so much from her explanation. We decided to take the FYP with her. She gave both of us the new title to be proposed to Mr Goh Chin Hock(as the coordinator for FYP EE students). And I am so happy! Our proposed title was accepted. And yeah! We had already have the SUPERVISOR that everyone of us freaking out whether can have a good lecturer n title or not(that need to be 'grab' this Friday with many other students). Alhamdulillah. Thanks a lot Mdm. Asyikin!

"Play2 first" Before Being Busy For This Whole Semester!
Last Sunday, me, Syazwan and Nabihah had our girls day out. awww.! is syazwan a girl? hahahahahha! :P u figure it out by urself lahh! hahahahhaha... just kidding. actually, syazwan is my special friend. oh, what kind of special fren. hehehe. OK, we had a movie! Men In Black 3.! It is so fun! and a lot of comedy that made my day even brighter! haha... just take a break to enjoy the first week for this semester.!

Exercise A Lot!

Do you want to do your exercise everyday? Oh, if u do, so please just come to my apartment at level 3, Ilmu 1 by just bringing the 5kg load. hahhaa.. u will feel the burn! like I felt everyday from the 1st day I came to my apartment. Need to lose weight for this semester, so I have to be more hardworking by just climbing the stairs to my apartment at level 3! Errr....

This is the scenery from my apartment! Beautiful, isn't it? Alhamdulillah. do come to my apartment if u want to releasing the tension that u had for this semester.

p/s:Ok, need to go! nk balik bangi jenguk mak sebentar. Assalamualaikum!!!!! See u soon!

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