holiday in Penang, actually not HOLIDAY at all.... -_-"

huhu... just get back from penang in monday night. urghhhh, quite tired journey.

how can I had the holiday in Penang?
quite long story actually. UniMAP also known as Universiti Malaysia Perlis, had been collaborated with Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia for hosted such a big dialogue program called IMT-GT REGIONAL DIALOGUE ON DRUG ABUSE AMONG UNIVERSITY STUDENTS "DRUG FREE IMT-GT UNIVERSITIES".

the title of the dialogue is very meaningful and i am, to be honest, very passion and cant wait to join the event, for the very first moment I reach Hydro Hotel, Miami Beach, Batu Feringgi, Penang. It's such a very wonderful waiting. hahaha...

The dialogue had been made in other hotel name Bayview Beach Resort Hotel, Bt Feringgi, Penang. The dialogue started with the introduction of the many types of drugs such as syabu, marijuana, ecstasy and etc. Also, the speaker told us the statistics of the drug addicts in each country, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. I was very shocked and upset after I saw the statistics of the drug addicts among the university students. The quantity is quite big! I think we have to take a very big step to curb the problem that always disturb our student in Malaysia also in Indonesia & Thailand.

The second day, the program had officially open by the representative from MOHE, Malaysia. He told us to keep 100% attention for the dialogue, so that we can keep our thinking in the right path and can keep asking if there any issue that we can't understand. His advised was very meaningful to all the participant of the dialogue.

student FORUM based on the issue drug abuse among university students
The forum had been represented by 1 student from each IMT-GT country. They talked about the issue and finalized the step to be make after the dialogue ends.

One of the student from UKM, give us a big challenges and ideas to create a program based on the name ANTI-DADAH for every orientation which involving new students that entering the university. He told us, to keep remind the new students by making 1or 2 slots about drug, so that they can know and have knowledge about the effects of the drug if we misused it wander from we use it for the medic.

p/s: Think before you take! :)

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